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Contractors Licensing Assistance thru Seminars and Services (CLASS) prepares prospective contractors to pass the North Carolina General Contractors licensing exams. Seminars are given by Bill Walker. Unlike other training programs that require you to purchase a long list of books, Bill will tell you which books to buy; why spend all your money on books that you will use one time and throw away! 

Bill worked for 10 years with the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer where he supervised writing and administrating the licensing exam. He also acted as education liaison between the Licensing Board and the community college system. Bill has 27 years experience in training contractors in building codes, laws and regulations, and OSHA. He has been holding seminars and workshops to help contractors pass the North Carolina general contractors exam for the last 17 years. Bill is also an approved OSHA trainer.




Congratulations on your decision to become a licensed contractor. With Contractors Licensing Assistancce thru Seminars & Services (CLASS) you are able and encouraged to attend as many seminars as you want at the one time cost of $375. Seminars include a Home Study Manual with computer based training CD that allows you to practice taking the licensing exam. The CD has 164 interactive questions that cover topics including but not limited to:
1. Law, OSHA, Business, Building Codes, and Technology information
2. What to expect at the exam
3. Applicable laws
4. Masonry Information
5. Solving questions on laws, codes, business, technology and OSHA

Along with the Home Study Manual and Training CD, Bill Walker keeps you awake in seminars as he is an experienced, dynamic speaker. Bill gives special seminars/workshops at community colleges and small business associations. He shares with you what to expect when taking the exam, how and what to study in order to pass the exam. He focuses on you passing the exam!

The purpose of the seminars is to help you achieve success, so we encourage you to attend as many seminars as you want at the one time cost of $375.00 that all training materials.

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Bill, I want to thank you for providing me with the knowledge and skills to pass the contractors exam. I took your class on 4/8/2001 and passed the test on 4/9/2001. I felt well prepared prior to taking your class and almost didn't attend. What a mistake that would have been. You provided so much information on sections I did not ”have adequate knowledge on. After reviewing the notes I took in your class, I feel you helped me answer at least 12 questions that I would have had to guess on. I only passed with a 70. So, I would have failed without you class. Anyone interested in being a N.C. contractor needs to take you class. Combined with their knowledge it well give them the edge to pass the test. It worked for me. Thanks very much."
Steven Karasinski,
At Home Contruction
Morehead City, NC

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